Hard Seltzers are made from any mixture of soda water and alcohol. Most other brands use Malt Liquors, Ethanol and sugar to flavor their drinks where Drift Cocktails uses REAL spirits (Vodka, Rum, and Tequila) and REAL fruit juice to create a smooth, refreshing, easy drinking, artisan cocktail packed into only 85 calories and a hefty 7% ABV.

We craft our spirits at 3 Stacks Distillery in Kinston North Carolina. The Vodka is made from organic corn sourced from Carolina farms. The Rum is distilled using ingredients from the Virgin Islands and Jamaica. The Tequila is the only spirit that we do not make in house. As many of you know to be called “Tequila” it must come from specific regions of Mexico. Our single origan Blanco Tequila is 100% Blue Agave from the highlands of Mexico in the Jalisco region.

We offer drift cocktails in 4 refreshing flavors: Blood Orange and Vodka, Meyer Lemon and Vodka, Passionfruit and Rum and Lime and Tequila. Sip back and relax with all of our flavors!
Drift Cocktails are made with spirits, fruit and soda water.

We sell cases of 24 cans to our retailers. We are available at retail for between $9.99 – $10.99 per 4pk. Check out our Drift Finder to see where you can buy Drift near you!

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